Do you not realize what we are doing?

Every time we bite into our cheese-drowned gastronomic nightmare, what are we doing?

Every time we stomp our gas pedal harder, what are we doing?

Every time we pull ten paper napkins to dry up something that would need one, what are we doing?

No, what are we really doing?

Suicide. Plain and simple.

If Earth is a living woman, by either numbing our conscience or rejecting the effect our life today is having on her, we are sadistically slicing through her skin, one tree at a time, one lake at a time, one animal species at a time.

If Earth is a living woman she would be the most abused, neglected, unsatisfied woman of any relationship.

She also continues to be the most loyal, generous, loving, forgiving woman to have ever lived.


  1. Go easy on the gas pedal – When you don’t thrust your heavy foot down the pedal, it is good for your vehicle, your pocket and also the environment. Funny how that works, huh?
  2. Recycle – More than half of an average human being’s products are recyclable. Tis statistic is a result of analysis of things I use and throw away for two months. Do it yourself, you will land up in close proximity to my statistic. Get another waste bin, paste the recycling symbol on it, consciously recycle and you will see how much quicker that fills up than your non-recyclable bin.
  3. Try veganism – I have eaten meat for twenty one years (I am 25 now) and then I slowly transitioned to veganism over the last four years. The four best years of my life for the hole I put stuff through and the holes stuff comes out of and everything in between them.  Choose Veg is a great place to start.
  4. Reject animal abuse – You don’t have time for this! You have bills to pay and Netflix binge lists to get through! Well, gassy cows are one of the biggest contributors to global warming, so make time for it. Mercy For Animals is a great place to start for this.
  5. Do something about 1 to 4 every day – Don’t let the song on your car radio seduce you into kicking the gas pedal harder. Try almond milk for a week. Try to imagine for a couple of minutes every day what the life of a cow is like, being lined up in a rape rack(really, that is what they are called) and kept pregnant every day until her death so you can have cheese on your plate.

Put the sharp knife forged from pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, animal agriculture down.

Stop this suicide.




When the world crept and

Stole from me my infancy,

When the world leapt and

Made my soul their currency,

Oh, still shielded was I

For her aegis I did have.


When the sky gleaming in full

Elevated me up to fly,

When the sky gray and dull

Spat me out to die,

Oh, still healed was I

For her blessing I did have.


When the angels softly said

They are not mine to save,

When the angels sweetly said

Their affections are not mine to take,

Oh, still consoled was I

For her acceptance I did have.


When deep sin I did commit

Mercy left all your hearts,

When grave sin I did commit

All your wrath tore me apart,

Oh, still saved was I

For her forgiveness I did have.


When this road withers away

The black swallows me whole,

When it comes my last day

Joyful I am to go,

Oh, still immortal I am

For her eternal love I do have.


Dedicated to Sangeeta Avvaru